Padeon is a people business. We rely on the quality of our people and networks to ensure that our clients continue to be delighted by our work


Everything we do is with the best outcomes in mind.

Clients come to us to get the job done and to have certainty around costs, deadlines and quality.


Once the scope of a requirement is set, the cost won't change. Simple.

Our consultants are experienced professionals. They've seen best-in-class solutions and they can foresee potential issues.


Assigning our network of experts to short-term out-tasking or more complex consultancy is just part of what we do. If you want more control or to grow your own team, our recruitment offering for contract, interim and permanent talent gives you access to proven expertise. 


Our team has direct experience of supporting regulated businesses with consultancy, recruitment and outsourcing.


We have access to a deep and broad network of talent, knowledge and expertise. Ready to support you to grow safely and with customer experience front and centre.

We want things to be simple and to offer choice. That's why we operate the way we do. You don't always need a full day, or even half a day, of someone's time to get the right outcome. A seasoned subject matter expert for an hour or two might be all you need.


That's fine and that's what we offer: flexibility and certainty. Tell us what it is and we'll get the job done 


We'd love to hear from you. Really, we would - and not just to take on new business and secure new talent.

We practice what we preach and welcome constructive feedback to help us learn, understand and improve.

Click below to ask for support, join our network, or just tell us what you think.